The soul is here for its own joy. 
The Center for Creative Healing Arts
Welcome to our gallery gift shop cafe
Gallery gift shop and cafe specs
Gallery gift shop and
chill space for events
Building, studio and private office
waiting room specs
The private office space
Studio chill and office space
Studio kids corner
Studio storage and set up
Studio worktables and easels
Studio clean up and indoor potter wheels
Back sculpture, garden, outside studio space and artist in residence house(s)
kaalomai laura kirdani
future vision
the creative and healing arts center
At some point in the not too distant future I am looking forward to opening an art therapy office that incorporates many of the healing and visual arts in one space. My vision includes a private art therapy office equipped with sand tray and play therapy areas as well as space for other disciplines such as massage and acupuncture.
The open studio space will be equipped with as many art materials as possible and will be available for art therapy groups, art classes and any other healing classes and groups. When these aren’t in session the space will be available for open studio time for members and clients to come and work in their own time on their own work in a creative, therapeutic and supportive environment.
In my vision the studio and office will be on the top floor of this space while the bottom floor will contain an art gallery/gift shop for the clients, members and community at large to display and sell their work.
Also on the bottom floor attached to the gallery/gift shop is a small café that serves simple, healthy, delicious foods including some of the recipes on this website. This will have inside and outside seating and will provide space for the local community to relax and be a part of the healing and creativity even if they aren’t taking any classes. I would like for this space to be open and attached to the gallery/gift shop so that the space can also function for creative and community gatherings such as poetry readings, open mic nights, movie nights and gallery openings.
Outside the gallery is the sculpture garden, kilns, potting wheels and outside studio space for class and open studio work. Ideally this building and garden will be next to a creek. I envision this space in Malibu Canyon or a similar area.
If you know of a place like this or share my vision and would like to participate in co-creating this space by way of land, investment, ideas, real estate, contributions of money and/or equipment, etc. I am actively looking for support in all areas to make this dream a reality.
Below are some designs I have drawn up for how this space might look/function. (coming soon)